Air Conditioning Service in Yorkton

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When summer arrives, you and your family deserve to be comfortable, so when your AC is pumping out warm air or not kicking on at all, you need an AC contractor you can count on. At Vetted HVAC Services, we have over 120 years of combined experience in fixing every AC issue. Put our number in your contact list and remember to call the next time your AC fails.

Yorkton homeowners can enjoy any of the following AC services:

If your AC isn’t providing the cold air you require, a filter replacement may be in order.

Signs Your AC Is About to Die

Most people don’t think much about their air conditioners until the system fails, but if you catch small issues early, you can avoid paying expensive repairs bills later in the summer. Here are the most common signs that your AC needs repair or replacement.

  • Blows Warm Air: The last thing you need during the dog days of summer is for your AC to blow warm air. If the air coming out of the vents isn’t as cold as you like it, call a technician in for an inspection.
  • Poor Airflow: Weak airflow coming out of the vents is another common problem and indicates a compressor malfunction or issues in the ductwork.
  • Thermostat Doesn’t Work: The thermostat is the brains of your AC system; it takes measurements to ensure the system is keeping the correct temperature. If the thermostat fails to maintain temperature, have a trained HVAC tech check it out.
  • Loud Noises: If you hear squealing or grinding coming out of your AC unit while it’s running, it could be a belt that’s slipping out of place. Get this problem fixed ASAP because loose pieces can break off and cause costly damage.
  • Frequent Repairs: The average air conditioner lasts about 12-15 years, so if you’re shelling out for repairs more frequently, it’s a sign that your unit has reached the end of its life and needs replacing.

If you notice any of the above signs or something else that seems off with your air conditioner, contact Vetted HVAC Services today.

Proper AC Maintenance

Whether you have a one-room AC unit or a central AC system, you must maintain it to ensure it works when needed and lasts as long as possible. Follow these tips for keeping your AC in tip-top shape.

  • Keep it Clean: You can use a vacuum with soft bristles to gently clean the outer parts of your air conditioner.
  • Fix Fins: Inspect the outside unit for bent fins and repair them if needed.
  • Check Condensate Drain Tube: If you see water puddling around the AC unit, check the condensate drain tube for clogs.
  • Replace the Filter: One of the easiest and most neglected maintenance tips is replacing the filter regularly. A clean filter helps the system run more efficiently, which saves money on your energy bill.
  • Control Heat in the House: By reducing your AC’s workload, you can increase its lifespan. Consider using blackout blinds over your windows to stop the sun from coming in and heating the house.
  • Call for Maintenance: During the spring, it’s wise to call a professional to come in and conduct a thorough inspection of your AC system to ensure it’s ready for summer’s arrival.

If you don’t have ductwork in your house, you don’t have to suffer during the summer. Our ductless mini-split AC systems are a perfect choice!

When to Call an AC Service Company

The comfort of your Yorkton home in the summer depends on your AC system. Air conditioners are complex machines with many mechanical and electrical components, which means a lot can go wrong. Before you call an HVAC company for help, check these things first.

  • If there’s no power to the unit, check the thermostat and circuit box.
  • If the thermostat is running fine and you don’t have any power problems, check that the condensate drain is free from clogs.
  • Check the filter and make sure it’s clean.
  • If you have poor airflow, check the air ducts for obstructions.
  • Inspect the outside of the unit for obstacles that are preventing airflow. Also, check the condenser coils for dirt buildup.

If you’ve done all that you can, but your AC still isn’t working right, call Vetted HVAC Services immediately.

Whether it’s a simple repair or an AC replacement, you can count on the experts at Vetted HVAC Services. Call us in the Yorkton area at +1 306-782-4588.