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It’s not uncommon for Yorkton homeowners to experience electrical problems now and again. It could be a power outage or a finicky outlet, but whatever the issue, when it’s electrical, the safe choice is to call in a professional like Vetted HVAC Services. We have over 120 years of combined experience in helping residents with every type of electrical problem you can think of and we’re ready to help you too.

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How to Troubleshoot an Electrical Problem

It can be frustrating trying to figure out what’s going on with an electrical issue. Whether it’s a flickering light or an appliance that goes on and off, knowing what the problem is, isn’t always apparent. Below are some tips on figuring out what your electrical problem may be.

  • Electrical surges are often caused by cheap power strips or devices that have faulty wiring.
  • If the light switch doesn’t work, there’s a good chance the wiring is bad.
  • If you suffer from frequent breaker trips, try using lower power settings on your high wattage devices like hair dryers. If that doesn’t work, limit the number of these devices on the same circuit.
  • If you have overloaded circuits, it’s usually the result of too many devices pulling in power from the same point. The solution is to not daisy chain power strips and instead, install more outlets.

If you have any of the above issues that you can’t fix, or can’t figure out what is the problem, call a professional electrician for the answer.

Do This If You Get an Electrical Shock

Most Yorkton homeowners have had an electrical shock at least once when turning on a device. And while not too painful, these situations can become dangerous if you don’t fix them ASAP.

Most electrical shocks happen because of faulty wiring within a device or appliance. Calling your Yorkton electrician to troubleshoot the problem is the safest way to find and fix the problem before it becomes deadly.

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Is Your Electric Bill Going Up?

If you’ve noticed your electric bill going up and your supplier hasn’t raised rates, it could be because of poor wiring on the mains or on the circuit. Sometimes it’s a ‘vampire device’, which is a device that saps energy when it’s plugged in even if you’re not using it. Most of our modern gadgets never truly power down when turned off, and continue to operate in a standby mode instead.

Also, consider how you use your energy-hogging appliances like dishwashers and dryers. Only use these items when you can use them to capacity, otherwise, you’re wasting electricity.

Diagnosing the exact reason for an increase in electric bills is tricky for the average homeowner and is best left to the electrical contractors.

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