Yorkton Gas Fireplace Repair & Installation

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Nearly everyone likes the idea of having a roaring fire on those cold winter nights, but log fireplaces are a hassle. If you’d like the advantages of a fireplace but not the work of maintaining it, consider a gas fireplace instead. Also, if you currently use a wood-burning fireplace, check out a gas log fireplace and find out how much better they can be.

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Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

A fireplace adds beauty and functionality to your living space, but as anyone who owns a wood-burning fireplace can tell you, they can be a pain to maintain. If you like the idea of a fireplace but are turned off by the hassle, consider these benefits of a gas design.

  • Realism: Today’s gas log fireplaces have the same visual appeal as their wood-burning counterparts. Gone are the days when the logs looked too fake; today’s designs are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Saves Time & Money: Many people think gas log fireplaces are expensive to install and operate, but unless you’re cutting your own firewood, you can shell out a pretty penny every year for wood. People with access to natural gas as a fuel source can save money by switching to gas because natural gas prices have come down in recent years.
  • Eco Friendly: Another benefit to a gas log fireplace is that they’re better for the environment. Wood burning fireplaces release more carbon dioxide than does gas, oil, and coal to produce the same heat. Switching to gas is the better choice for the environment.
  • They’re Safer: While wood-burning fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing, they’re also dangerous, especially if you have children or pets. Gas fireplaces eliminate many of the dangers that come with wood fireplaces.

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Gas Fireplace Problems

Although they look simple, gas fireplaces are complex, which makes it difficult to pinpoint problems when they fail to work properly. However, here are the most common issues we see with gas fireplaces.

Despite their appearance, gas fireplaces are complex machines and it’s difficult to diagnose the problem when they do not work properly. However, here are a few common problems to look out for.

  • Pilot Light Out: Make sure the pilot light is lit. If not, lighting it usually solves the problem.
  • Thermocouple: This is a small metal rod that senses temperature and ignites the gas when needed.
  • Check the Thermopile: The thermopile is another sensor that generates the electricity to ignite the gas.

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Gas Fireplace Care

While regular maintenance is required on a wood-burning fireplace, many people think you can set it and forget it with a gas fireplace, but that’s not true. Here are a few tips to keeping your fireplace in great shape.

  • Clean the glass when necessary.
  • Clean the interior with a wand attachment for your vacuum.
  • Clean the logs if soot begins to develop.
  • Inspect your fireplace and chimney once a year, and call a qualified technician for maintenance.

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