Yorkton Indoor Air Quality Service

Many Yorkton residents won’t believe it, but the air in the house can be more polluted than the air outside. Find out about improving your air quality by contacting Vetted HVAC Services.

When you think of all the contaminants in the home, such as viruses, bacteria, pet dander, and smoke, it’s easy to see that breathing that air day in and day out can have negative health consequences.

If you suffer from breathing problems, it could be the air in your home that’s to blame. Call Vetted HVAC Services and let us inspect your home to find out if it’s the air quality affecting you.

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Consider installing an air cleaner to enjoy clean, fresh air in your home.

What Causes Indoor Pollution?

Most people like to think that the air in their home is safe to breathe, but the truth is the indoor air can be worse for you than what’s outside.

Consider gasses, particles released into the air, poor ventilation, and high humidity are all issues that lead to unhealthy indoor air.

For Yorkton residents, here are the most common causes of indoor air pollution.

  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Moisture
  • Household Cleaning Chemicals
  • Building Material like Asbestos
  • Central Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Fuel-Burning Appliances and Fireplaces

While not all contaminants are dangerous to your health, it’s still best for your family to ensure they’re breathing the cleanest air possible at home, and Vetted HVAC Services can do that.

How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to get a mental image of factory smoke, and car and truck exhaust, when thinking about air pollution, but many don’t consider the air inside the house, that’s filled with pet dander, smoke, cleaning chemicals, bacteria, mould and more. Also, consider that humans spend about 87% of their time inside, and you can see why indoor air quality is crucial.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve the quality of your air right now.

  • Replace your AC & Furnace Filter: Consider all of the air that goes through your air conditioner and furnace and it’s easy to see why keeping the filters clean is so important. Dirty filters put stress on the system and pass harmful bacteria back into the house.
  • Check Air Ducts: Air from your furnace or air conditioner travels through ductwork in the house. However, if the ducts are dirty, then it’s only a matter of time before that dirt finds its way into your house.
  • Keep Carpets & Rugs Clean: Carpets and rugs trap dust and dirt, so clean them often to prevent contaminants from being kicked up in the house.
  • Control Indoor Humidity: When you have excess moisture in the home, it’s a breeding ground for mould and mildew.
  • Add Plants: Plants are nature’s air purifiers, so consider adding some indoor plants like ferns to clean the air and make your home more beautiful.

For more ideas on how to improve your air quality at home, contact Vetted HVAC Services.

Our filter replacement service ensures the air in your home is cleaner and healthier.

Signs You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality

A good way to tell if the air quality in your home is good or not is to judge by the health of your family members. If some members of your household are congested, have red, watery eyes, sneeze or cough a lot, it could be the air that’s to blame. Be on the lookout for excess dust and dirt, and take note of musty odours.

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