How To Spot A Frozen Pipe?

3 Signs Indicating Frozen Pipes

Pipes freezing in the winter is one of the hardest things to avoid. In fact, homeowners have to be diligent about winterizing their homes to ensure the pipes don’t freeze. Of course, pipe insulation is the best option, but homeowners must also know how to spot a frozen pipe as soon as possible. Frozen pipes are unpredictable and lead to burst pipes, so it is crucial homeowners can spot them. If homeowners notice these signs, it indicates pipes have frozen.

How Much Water Comes Through The Faucet?

Frozen pipes can impact the plumbing in a similar way to clogged pipes. The frozen water inside the line stops the flow of water, which essentially clogs the pipe with ice instead of normal materials that cause clogs. This is why when pipes freeze, it can significantly impact the water pressure. If it’s below freezing outside and the homeowner notices less water coming from the tap or no water coming out at all, they can infer pipes are frozen and should immediately call an expert for help. 

It’s always best to stay on the side of caution regarding the plumbing system. Even in the winter, frozen pipes can lead to water damage within the home. When water freezes, it expands, causing pressure on the line. This can lead to burst pipes, and burst pipes cause water damage. So watch out for the signs so a plumber can help prevent frozen pipes from turning into burst ones.  

Frost On Pipes

Several signs point to frozen pipes, but perhaps the most obvious is frost visible on exposed pipes. If the exposed pipes are covered in ice, homeowners can assume the line is frozen and the pipes need added pipe insulation as soon as possible. 

Exposed pipes are more likely to freeze than others because they are typically located in colder parts of a home that don’t receive as much heating, like basements and garages. Plumbing is better protected when placed behind walls with insulation. Homeowners can consult qualified plumbers for more tips to help prevent frozen pipes. 

How Does The Home Smell?

Lastly, noticing a foul smell in the home is a warning sign that a sewer line is frozen or burst. Sewer pipes can also freeze and burst like water lines. If the bathroom or house smells like sewage, there could be frozen and burst pipes, so homeowners should immediately reach out to a professional.

The unpleasant smell is caused when the frozen line prevents wastewater and sewage from being able to flow through the line. Sewage backups can occur because of the blockage from freezing, and the gases have nowhere to go but back up into the home.  It’s essential that homeowners stay vigilant in the winter for signs of frozen and burst pipes so plumbers can be called to prevent additional damage from occurring.  

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