Tips To Help Avoid High Electric Bills

Three Ways To Save Money On Utility Expenses

Many homeowners spend more than they’d like on energy bills each month. However, there are many habits they can implement to save money and reduce their electric bills. Some of these considerations include installing ceiling fans, turning off lights and appliances, and switching to LED lights.

Installing Ceiling Fans

The direction ceiling fan blades rotate can affect a home’s temperature, allowing homeowners to run their heaters or air conditioners less and save on the electric bill. Ceiling fan blades should rotate counterclockwise in the summer and warmer months and clockwise in the winter and colder months. 

During summer months, the counterclockwise rotation of the fan can make a room feel several degrees cooler than it is, allowing homeowners to raise their thermostats a few degrees and remain comfortable, leading to lower energy bills. During the winter months, the clockwise rotation of the fan allows homeowners to lower their thermostat settings while remaining comfortable and saving on energy costs. It’s important to note that the fan’s speed should also be adjusted to the season to reap these benefits. During warm months, set the fan on its highest setting; during cold weather, set it on a low speed for maximum energy efficiency.

Turning Off Lights And Appliances When Not In Use

Another way to save on the electricity bill is to turn off and unplug lights and appliances when they are not being used. Obviously, it’s not practical to unplug a refrigerator or dishwasher. However, homeowners should turn off and unplug other devices when not in use because appliances can draw energy, even when not on. 

These items include televisions, cellphone chargers, coffee makers, toasters, lamps, etc. According to the Government of Canada, homeowners can save up to 10 percent of their home’s energy by unplugging items when they’re not being used. Turning off lights when away or when natural light can be used is also wise to save energy. While this could initially prove inconvenient, it saves energy, frustration, and money in the long run. 

Switching To LEDs

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits. Compared to traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs, LED lights require significantly less energy, which can result in significant cost savings. LED lights also last longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs, meaning homeowners won’t have to replace them as often. 

The initial cost of purchasing LED lights is typically more expensive than incandescent bulbs. However, homeowners will save money in the long run by switching to LEDs. It’s important to note that LEDs should not be used in all light fixtures. That means one should consult an electrician before completely outfitting a home with LED lights. 

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