Turn The Backyard Into The Perfect Summer Getaway!

Get the Home’s Outdoor Spaces Ready for Parties and Guests This Summer!

Summer is here, which means the weather is finally getting nice enough to enjoy backyard barbecues and have fun in the sun. So for homeowners who want their backyards to be the perfect oasis where friends and family can kick back and relax this summer, it may be worth it to make a few upgrades and additions to the outdoor living spaces. For some inspiration, this article will offer a few fun backyard ideas to help homeowners transform their yard into a summertime paradise – as well as a few pro tips for outdoor electrical safety!

Install Outdoor Lighting

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a summer evening and watching the sunset – after all, they call it the “golden hour” for a reason! But there’s no reason the party should have to move inside after the sun goes down. Adding some exterior lighting to the yard and patio can enhance the outdoor space’s overall aesthetic and ensure that no one has to stumble around in the dark.

Wall lanterns and sconces come in styles ranging from simple to ornate and are a classic option for any porch or patio. String lights or paper lanterns can be hung around the patio, along the fence line, or from trees to provide gentle and enchanting illumination. Pathway lights can help guide guests along walkways safely in front and back yards. To take this idea further, homeowners can install discreet steplights to illuminate outdoor stairs. Finally, landscape lights and spotlights can showcase trees and other vegetation throughout the yard, giving the yard an elegant and colorful look after dark. Of course, it’s essential to ensure any outdoor lights are correctly installed by electricians and plugged into GFCI-protected circuits, which help protect against electric shock.

Have A Backup Generator On Hand

Saskatchewan is no stranger to severe summer storms and heat waves capable of knocking out power to entire blocks or neighborhoods. That’s why installing a standby generator in case a power outage suddenly strikes is a good idea. A generator can help ensure that the HVAC system keeps running, the lights stay on, and all the food in the fridge and freezer won’t go bad if the outage persists for several hours.

So if the power goes out in the middle of a summer get-together, the home with a generator will be a safe and comfortable place for everyone to hunker down – but, of course, this is just as true when the frigid winter temperatures come back around. In general, whole-home generators are superior to portable models since they can produce more electricity for longer and tend to emit fewer fumes – but there are plenty of types to choose from, so homeowners should consult an expert to determine what’s best for their home.

Put In A Hot Tub Or Pool

If homeowners want to go all-out and turn their backyard into a true luxury resort this summer, they can put in a swimming pool, hot tub, or both! Playing or relaxing in a pool or hot tub is the delight of kids and adults alike, so either can take any backyard shindig to the next level. On top of that, they can also boost the home’s property value, provided that all safety regulations are met.

On that note, whether homeowners opt for a pool or a hot tub, they must have it wired by a professional electrician to ensure it complies with current electrical codes. There are many rules and regulations regarding electrical safety in outdoor water features, such as GFCI protection for pool pumps and lighting and even how far pools and hot tubs need to be from exterior lights, fans, and outlets. Considering the potential electrical hazards involved, hiring a professional electrician is a small price to pay for a fun, safe summer!

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