What Are The Safest Types Of Electrical Outlets?

How To Find the Right Outlet?

Installing the right outlets is essential for protecting a home from electrical fires, accidental electrocution, and other electrical hazards. In this blog post, electrical experts explain the benefits and safety features of three common types of outlets. Hiring a professional electrician to replace or install new outlets is the best way to ensure that the right outlet is installed. 

Professional electricians are trained on the local electrical codes and know which outlets need to be installed and where to keep the house up to code. For example, a specific type of outlet is required for spaces with a water source nearby. Installing the wrong kind of outlet can put the homeowner at risk for electric shock or a house fire that can affect their home and their entire neighborhood and local ecosystems. 

Benefits Of AFCI Outlets

AFCI is an acronym that stands for arc fault circuit interrupter. These outlets are required in every modern home. Since they were mandated to keep homes up to code, there has been a 20% reduction in house fires. The number one benefit of AFCI outlets is that they prevent electrical fires. So how do AFCI outlets work?

Electricity travels throughout the electrical system using the electrical wiring. The electrical current can go rogue when a wire is damaged or malfunctioning. This can lead to an accidental electrical fire as the electricity heats up. AFCI outlets monitor and analyze arc faults and shut off the electrical current when it recognizes a potential hazard. 

Benefits Of GFCI Outlets

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. This is because the outlet directs the electricity into the ground whenever electricity exits a wire and goes off course. The main benefit of GFCI outlets is that they prevent accidental electrocution. Most electrical codes require installing this type of outlet in all rooms with a water source, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

These outlets always have a three-prong receptacle and include a “reset” or “test” button. GFCI outlets prevent accidental electrocution by sending rogue electrical currents into the ground before they can heat up. Installing GFCI outlets may be necessary to bring older homes up to current electrical codes. 

Benefits Of Childproof Outlets

Homes with young children should replace all outlets within their reach with childproof outlets. Children and toddlers are curious and may be tempted to stick fingers or toys into the electrical outlets. Normal outlets can electrocute children if they tamper with them. 

A childproof outlet is often called tamper-proof. They are designed with a shutter, which remains closed until a proper plug is inserted. This means that nothing besides an appropriate-sized plug can be inserted into the outlet, preventing children from messing with it and hurting themselves. Children will not be able to remove the safety shutter. 

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