Meet Vetted HVAC Services Experts

Vetted HVAC Services prides itself on providing exceptional customer service for plumbing, heating, refrigeration, sheet metal, and electrical services. The team is comprised of highly dedicated and hardworking Red Seal Journeymen technicians who function as a well-orchestrated team. Vetted HVAC Services provides its employees with ongoing training to ensure up-to-date knowledge and best practices are implemented into every project. Customer service is of paramount importance and the team strives to provide prompt, reliable, on-budget services. Vetted HVAC Services' maintenance programs ensure customer peace of mind and longevity of mechanical equipment. Over 120 Years of Combined Experience!
Chad Ashworth Refrigeration & HVAC Mechanic

7 years electrician and then 3rd-year apprentice refrigeration & HVAC mechanic. Chad is extremely thorough and very skillful in troubleshooting given that he has knowledge in both trades. Chad chooses to work with the Vetted HVAC Services team because he shares the company’s core value of honest, quality workmanship at a fair cost.

Annelle Bodnarik Operations Manager

Annelle is an integral team member as she is responsible for orchestrating the day-to-day operations. Annelle brings with her an excellent work ethic, a positive attitude, and a business acumen that is highly appreciated by the rest of the Vetted HVAC Services team. She is extremely dedicated and her steady, consistent approach doesn’t go unnoticed.

Mitchell Bodnarik Journeyman Red Seal Electrician

Meet Mitchell Bodnarik, Journeyman Red Seal Electrician. Mitchell brings 11 years of electrical experience to the Vetted HVAC Services team. Boasting a vast skill set and wide range of experience, Mitchell has worked in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. His detail-oriented mindset is evident in all that he does, and his driven nature will not leave a problem unsolved!

Regan J Bohn Red Seal Plumber & General Gas Fitter

12 years experience, exceptional attention to detail, highly professional, troubleshooting expert, with top quality workmanship. When Regan is not hard at work as a Vetted HVAC Services tech, he enjoys putting miles on his snowmobile, farming and spending time with his wife and beautiful daughters!

Andy Coulter Red Seal Plumber & Gas Fitter

Has 6 years of experience. Andy is a very positive and hardworking team member who always finds the silver lining. He demonstrates great workmanship and is a willing participant in teaching and learning best practices.

David Daniel Cowan Red Seal Sheetmetal Worker

5 years experience at his craft, David boasts an energetic and positive attitude towards all projects and team members! He is often the first one to put in extra time to ensure each job is done well and on time! David manages the custom metal shop for Vetted HVAC Services and ensures all products are made safely

Ryan Decker Red Seal Plumber, Gas Fitter & National Construction Safety Officer

Ryan has 9 years experience as a service tech and 5 years in Construction Safety. Ryan has demonstrated himself to be a team leader who always shows up to get the job done! With solid workmanship and outstanding troubleshooting skills, no task is too big or left unfinished.

Codi Hollinger Dispatcher and Maintenance Value Protection (MVP) Plan Expert

Codi is a valued team member who always wears a smile and provides excellent customer service! Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her 2 year old son, particularly exploring the great outdoors!

Kurtis Kortenko Red Seal Plumber & Gas Fitter

Kurtis has over 20 years of experience and enjoys a good challenge. He is courteous and personable and demonstrates perfectionist workmanship. Kurtis is highly dedicated and never leaves a job unfinished. Born and raised in Canora, Kurtis enjoys interacting with customers and the new challenges.

Chad Maleschuk Red Seal Refrigeration & HVAC Mechanic

With 9 years of experience as a service tech, Chad has refined his outstanding troubleshooting skills and premium workmanship. Chad is dedicated to leading the Vetted HVAC Services MVP Plan for preventative maintenance which he built from the ground up!

Darren Wilson Red Seal Plumber

20 years experience in the industry. Darren truly cares for each and everyone of his customers and delivers top level service. He is quick to help out in the sheet metal shop and does excellent install work! His quality workmanship and profound ability to get along with everyone make him a valued team member.

Justin Yawney Red Seal Plumber & Gas Fitter

Justin has 20 years of experience in the trade! He demonstrates exceptional leadership through hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. Justin believes in life-long learning and has furthered his knowledge in the trade through ongoing certifications as well as his leadership abilities through advanced coaching courses.